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Miss Greater Watertown

Miss Greater Watertown 2015 Natascia Simmone

Past Miss Greater Watertown Winners

Camille Ross
Quinnipiac University, Hamden
Business Administration
Don’t Stop Moving: Encouraging Our Youth to Stay Active
Lyrical Dance

2015 Natascia Simmone
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2013 Samantha Aquavia
2012 Joanna Shields
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1966-67 Arline (Becker) Theon
1965 Beverly Winterholder
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1963 Linda (Fabian) Bongiolatti

Camille Ross, Miss Greater Watertown 2016, is a student at Quinnipiac University working toward a BS Degree in Management. She is captain of the Quinnipiac University Kick Line while also the office manager and dance instructor at Triple Threat Dance Company. Camille created and runs a healthy living dance program for children at the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven. At the local pageant Camille earned the Talent Award by performing a lyrical dance to “Gold” and is promoting a platform entitled "Don’t Stop Moving: Encouraging Our Youth to Stay Active".